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Earl is the head of the Miles home. He has a passion for the supremecy of Christ and for infusing that passion into others. He loves his wife and makes her feel very valued and cherished. He laughs easily with her and enjoys discussing life with her. He loves being a father and finds delight in each of his children. He is always being asked by them to wrestle or to give bucking bronco rides. He is currently pastoring Coast Community Church and has a deep desire to see others understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to apply it as a believer in their everyday lives . . . as spouses, parents, friends, neighbors, employees, employers, etc.
Earl was born in Denham Springs, Louisiana. After graduating from high school he went on to attend LSU and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and also spent a year at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He interned under Jerry White at New Covenant Baptist Church in Denham Springs before taking a pastorate at New Era Baptist Church in Monetery, Louisiana. He was there for 5 years and then moved to Southern California to become associate pastor at Coast Community Church. He married Jan in 1996, 3 months after moving to CA and then became senior pastor by the end of that year.
Jan is the manager of the home and full-time teacher, trainer, counselor, nutritionist, nurse, librarian, chauffer, and activities director. She loves to read, enjoys sewing and scrapbooking (only if she has long uninterrupted time!!), and photography. Her passion and energies right now are investing in the hearts of her children and raising them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. She (along with Earl) want them to be able to think through life from a biblical worldview. She loves to laugh, has a miscievious side, and occassionally can be found dancing to southern gospel music while doing the dishes.
Jan was born in Long Beach, California. After graduating from high school, she attended California State University of Long Beach where she studied to become a teacher.She taught 5th graders for a year and a half and then took an assignment teaching 3rd graders who were learning english as a second language. She then resigned her position with the school district and began work with the Advanced Training Institute spending some time living in Indianapolis as well as Dallas, and taking substitute jobs while here at home. It was during these years that she met Earl and "left it all" to join him in his ministry.

Emily was born the day after Earl and Jan's 9 month anniversary and has brought much joy to their lives. It is a pleasure watching her grow and develop the talents and gifts God has given her. She has always been a natural student from the very beginning . . . loving books and writing and asking lots of questions. She is an avid reader, just like her mom and dad and is now in the season of wanting to publish her books. She has lots of ideas! She is a list person and always wants to know if you want to hear her ideas and lists that she's been working on. She is a very diligent worker and Jan would be overwhelmed with laundry if Emily wasn't as capable as she is in helping out in that area. She has a contagious giggle and loves to dance and dress up and make forts. She loves anything that has to do with the 'Little House' era and presently has a dream to become an actress . . . acting out all of her dreams. She loves her brothers and sisters and her little sisters especially like it when she plays house with them and helps them dress up in fun outfits.
David is just sixteen months younger than Emily and is all boy. His name sake is King David, but he prefers the lifestyle of Davy Crockett (though he has a very tender heart like King David!). He loves anything that has to do with guns, animal pelts, horses, wild plains, indians, bears, etc, etc. He definitely has a michevioius side. He also loves to read and likes to write in a journal. He enjoys copying down favorite Bible verses. He is a goofy boy and always ready for a good game of something. He is Jan's best dancing partner and is the champion "Blink" player in our home.
Molly is a breath of fresh air. She was born with a song in her heart and a twinkle in her eye. She has a very sensitive spirit and giggles easily. She is learning to read this year and is a joy to teach. When Molly was born, the Lord was just beginning to really teach us the ballence between training our children and delighting in them. We truly rejoiced in Molly and all of us delighted in her funny expressions and joyful spirit. She continues to be a snuggler and loves stories and is the life of the party.


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