Out of the Mouths of Babes!

(April 2004)

Molly was out back playing before lunch. All of a sudden I noticed what looked like a bloody nose, but she didn't seem bothered. I grabbed a tissue and headed outside. I called her over and began wiping it. It looked brownish, like the color of dried blood, but it was moist. Earl came out and said it looked like chocolate. Ahhhh! The pieces started to fit in my mind . . . . Molly had taken a chocolate morsel out of the trail mix I fixed for snack that day and stuck it up her nose. It melted when she went outside.

(June 2004)

The other day David was helping me core/slice/peel apples. He said that it was a good thing that pastors had little boys because while the pastor was busy working for the church, his little boy would be available to help the mommy. I told him that I was very glad that I had a "pastor's boy" to help me with the tough jobs.

(March 2005)

The other day during schook, I challenged Emily and David to write out their dictation sentence in cursive. Emily was all for it, but David was hesitant. After a little encouragement, he said, "OK. but can I just write the hard words in English?"

It reminded me of a few years ago when Emily commented that she couldn't read a particular birthday card because it was written in Spanish.


Last night at the dinner table, Annie was heard saying, "Look, Daddy. I have a long nose." We looked over at her to see a long pencil sticking out of one nostril. Gross!! That was her attempt at humor. Only 3 years old, too!

(April 2006)

This morning, while we were all getting ready for the day (Earl was gone), Molly (5) came running into my room saying that she saw something go "running across her floor toward her kitchen set" in her bedroom. Just about the time I was thinking, "running?", she added, "and it had whiskers!" Whiskers???! Now I'm picturing a large rodent. I did not have the courage to step into the bedroom until I realized that whiskers to Molly probably meant "feelers". So I bravely began moving furniture, having my picture of a large rodent now reduced to a small cricket (I refused to think cockroach!). We finally apprehended and deftly squished it between the rug and bookcase. The intruder? A silver fish! Sigh . . . .

Later this same morning, David (7) and Emily (8) were playing out back on the dirt hill. I ran into David coming down the hallway as Emily is shrieking that he has a spider (!!!) trapped in his pants' pocket and that he needs to change his pants. He had his hand cupped over his pocket so that the spider couldn't escape. My response? "Absolutely no way! Back outside, Bucky!" I got him a pair of clean pants and made him change outside in the playhouse. He was relieved (and so was I!) to find that in his excitement, he had squished the spider in his pocket already. I had to ask: "And just HOW did you get a spider in your pocket?" He said he was lying in the dirt and it just crawled in. Go figure!

(May 2006)

A few weeks ago, I was having Emily, David and Molly sign their papers for their fair entries. Then I signed my name under theirs. Annie (3) was standing nearby and watching it all. When she saw me quicly sign my name on the papers in cursive, she saw what to her looked like scribble and said, "You don't know how to write your name." Before I could respond, Molly, who spoke from the pride of one who is just beginning to read and write said, "Yes she does. It's just in Greek."

(September 2006)

As I (Jan) was riding in the car alone with Annie, she was very talkative. In an effort to align my perspective, I said, "I sure am glad that I have my big girl Annie with me to talk to." She replied with intended like-'kindness', "And I'm sure glad that I have my big mommy to talk to." Hmmmm. . . . something about that didn't translate right. [smile]

(October 2006)

The other day, David got his first pair of glasses. He was trying them on out in the car as I was buckling Jonathan in. David would look over the tops of the glasses & then through them, over the tops and then through them, all the while saying, "No wrinkles, wrinkles, no wrinkles, wrinkles." I asked, "Wrinkles? What wrinkles?" He matter-of-factly replied, "Yours!" He meant no mischief, just pure delight in being able to see detail. I always knew I was a "detailed person". [smile!]


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