Mother's Day Meditations

Mother's Day Meditations
Today is Mother's Day
And I feel like celebrating.
When I woke up this morning
And thought of all of you,
My heart burst forth in song
And I thought of what is true.
I first thought of you, Children,
And saw each and every face,
And I couldn't help but marvel
At God's incredibly abundant grace.
To think that you all came
From somewhere inside of me
And that you are a mixture of myself and your dad
yet so unique you've all turned out to be.
I absolutely delight in the smiles you give each day,
And I'm so in awe of each of you
And how you are growing in so many different ways.
Emily, you are almost nine and so tall and stately too.
I marvel at your imaginations and all that you long to do.
You are a blessing to me, as I watch you delight in the people all around you,
And I look forward to seeing all that God will do
in you as to Him you stay ever true.
David, you make me laugh with your silly, boyish ways,
yet at the same time I'm in awe of the thoughts you have throughout your busy days.
you seem to have a heart that is tender and wanting the truth.
Keep questioning and watching and spending time with your dad,
For my prayer is that you will grow into a godly young man
and for that you will never be sad.
Molly, what can I say? You bring delight to all who know you.
You are my ray of sunshine on cloudy days and you know what?
I love you too!
Annie, you make us all laugh with your precious little smile,
Your funny words and your sweet little face we could watch
For all the while.
You're very smart, and I look forward to the years ahead
When I find out all that you're thinking in that cute little head.
Jonathan . . . you are a dream come true.
Like the others, I love being your mom.
You always have a smile for me and elicit a true love song.
Yes, you children, are why I can and want to celebrate this very momentous day.
Without you here, I'd have no cause to stand up and proudly say,
"I love being a mom. I love being YOUR mom,
I'd have it no other way."
The days right now are busy and some are downright hard
but any way you look at it,
and you'd have to just admit,
that the Lord has been amazingly good to me
And that empowers me never to quit.
So I pray for strength to keep on loving you
Even when my flesh screams, "No, run and hide!"
And I thank God over and over for the privilege
of being able to enjoy with you this very wild ride!
Now, after I thought of the children, my thoughts easily turned to you, my friend.
My prayer is that our journey together will absolutely never end.
You mean the world to me and I love you so terribly much.
I'm glad to be a parent with you and single-motherhood I never want to touch.
You bring such balance and common sense to my often brainless wanderings,
And I love that we can laugh together and spend our nights in lengthy ponderings.
Before I close, there was one last thought that came into my thankful mind
And that thought was of you, yes you, Mom
And the words of expression are hard to find.
I loved my own childhood, I've told you before
I loved the creativity you instilled in me,
You made life fun and not a bore.
I love thinking of vacations we took
And simple sketching pads,
Of Kool-Aid on a hot summer day
And Saturday mornings with Dad.
You sewed curtains for our car,
Read books before lights out,
You nursed Kitty in the mornings
And gave us the benefit of the doubt.
You were by no means perfect
And I'm really ok with that,
'Cause I'm finding that neighter am I
but trusting that Jesus for us both does always come to bat.
So, thank you kids for making this journey so fun.
And thanks you you, Earl, for being so outstanding and amazing, Hun.
Thank you, Mom, for making my life possible and loving me and such,
But thanks to Jesus most of all for the privilege of being a Mom . . . so much!


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