Marriage is a Gift!

We celebrated out 11th anniversary on August 17, 2007. It was an absolutely wonderful time. The Lord has blessed us with some good friends who were married on the same day we were. So this year we decided to celebrate together.

We ditched the guys and sent them on a scavenger hunt. (We didn't want them to think that they were done pursuing us gals!) We wrote them corny prose and included mapquest directions and sent them first to the florist to pick out some beautiful bouquets of wild flowers for their women, and then on to a great smelling restaurant to pick up some tri-tip and chicken dinners that we had pre-ordered. Then we led them on down to the beach where we were waiting!

They were glad to get there and we were glad to see them and get on with the evening. It was fun to see their fun sense of humor as they raced across the sand to us, much to the delight of those watching.

We then enjoyed a very relaxing and cool evening (it has been so hot and humid!!) just talking and laughing and enjoying each other. The food was absolutely fantastic and we couldn't stop commenting on how great it all tasted. We stuffed ourselves silly, and it was nice to hear that the guys had fun picking up the flowers and the food and that they considered it all worth it.

Lord . . . please grant us many more years together here. We are having so much fun and enjoying each other so much. You have blessed us beyond our wildest dreams and we are in awe of Your goodness to us.
As always . . . for Your glory!


Diana said…
Jan, you are such a blessing and example of what love is by showing us how to nurture our husbands and friendships. Thanks for sharing!

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