Developing a Work Ethic

This past summer, we had many projects going on. It was fun working together on them and having the kids join in where they could.

We painted a cupboard in the garage for our school stuff (Here is Jonathan our two-year-old giving painting a shot for the first time. He lasted about 2 minutes!).

We also painted our brown bookcases white, which took more work than we thought, but looks so nice, though not perfect. Emily was a huge help on that project and I enjoyed working with her out on the driveway in the cool of the evening to get it done.

David has wanted a desk, and found one out on the curb for the trashman. We told him he could take it IF he did all the work to get in back in shape. So, he spent his summer, cleaning it, sanding it and finally painting it. He did a GREAT job and we are so proud of how it turned out!

Here is Jonathan entertaining us while we all worked. Oh yeah . . . did I mention that I also was potty-training this kid while trying to paint book cases and oversee the painting of the desk, in triple-digit-temperature heat????? What was I thinking??? It made for some great memories though.

Today, we woke up to a rainy Saturday. We had planned on making it a "work-day", so after our traditional rainy day cup of hot chocolate (it doesn't rain all that much in So. CA!!), we set to work. I (Mom), during breakfast, made out a list of things that needed to be done - separating child and adult jobs. Then everyone got to choose what they wanted to do and we got to work. Some of them chose to work together on some jobs and some preferred to work alone. We put on our favorite "working music" (The Martins!!) and it was a fun day.

Here is Dad cleaning up the laundry area (photo taken by child!). You go, Dad!!

(What a honey I have!)

Here is Molly (6) cleaning and organizing a box we have of "books on tape". Of course a job like this takes a LONG time, because our family gets VERY distracted reading each of the books!!

See what I mean? This is Annie (4) straightening out the bookcase in the girl's room. This is an all-day assignment, even for the most diligent of our group! (smile)

David (8) and I tackeled the family room. We dusted and moved furniture and vacuumed until we were sneezing!! Yeah, it gets pretty bad . . . one of the draw backs of homeschooling for me, the cleaning can get put aside for way too long. But THAT's about to change!

Emily likes to work alone and has a wonderful gift for decorating, I think. She took the living room and did all the dusting and vacuuming and "decorating" and even closed the doors so we couldn't see until she was done.

Oh, our Jonathan! Such a silly boy. Here he is "taking a break" and as always, entertaining us all while we work. (He is a hard worker though. He is ALWAYS ready to help carry something somewhere or move something and he picks up his toys better than any of the rest of them!!)

Here is our family room, ALMOST completely done for the day - minus the silk plants that we had set outside to get washed off.

Just had to take a picture of it, 'cause it so seldom looks like this. (smile)

Our living room looked great too. Em did a fantastic job and the cool breeze blowing through the window just added to the wonderfulness of the day for me!

Here is Emily's touch of decorating. Her own style! I thought it looked fine . . .

After a very productive morning of work, we had a well-earned lunch and then we walked over to 7-Eleven and Daddy treated us all to Slurpies!! Woo-hoo!!

A Very Fun Day!!

We're so proud of our TEAM!!!

A worker is worthy of his wages!!


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