Our Jonathan was named partly after the great preacher Jonathan Edwards. Our hopes and prayers for him are that he will grow up to have a great passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and a boldness in proclaiming the Truth. He has been cracking us up every morning during our family devotions.

We have a tradition of involving our "non-readers" in our Scripture reading by having them repeat after either Earl or myself and Jonathan has participated with GREAT enthusiasm. Here is a sampling of what we hope is . . .

Jonathan Edward Miles' preaching practice!!


D & A said…
hahaha that is GREAT!!! So fun to see you all live in action since we have never met.
That's awesome, Jan. What a great idea. Our 2yo does that when we pray. He repeats after all the other kids (and us) whenever anyone prays, and it's pretty cute.
I have to remind the other kids NOT to laugh when he does it. :-)

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