Desperate Housewife!

I am a desperate housewife . . .
desperate for the filling of the Spirit that I might find grace to walk out a life of serving those around me . . . desperate to know that I am pleasing to the Lord . . . desperate to know that the seeds I am sowing in the lives of my children will bear eternal fruit for the kingdom of heaven . . . desperate to be my husband's helper in seeing him grow in his gifts and to make this earthly journey even just a little more enjoyable and FUN [smile] . . . desperate . . . desperate . .

I am home this Sabbath morning because my youngest has croup [yuck . . . feeling so sad for this hoarse but endearingly sweet little boy!]. I am missing not worshipping with the Body today. For the past several weeks I have found myself unable to worship "in song" without crying (resisting the need to weep!) . . . as the thought of God's amazing grace just penetrates my very soul. To think of the awesome privilege I've been given to stand among the redeemed because of the utter and astounding grace I've been shown in light of all my unrighteousness (sin!) . . . and to offer praises to a God who is eternally good and exceedingly holy and incredibly wise and powerful . . . . I could go on and on! Just amazing!

My husband has just begun to preach through Romans [contented and thrilled sigh], and last week was very encouraging as he spent the second week teaching on Romans 1:1 (!). He explained how Paul was a "sign of hope, a slave of hope, and a servant of hope". I've been thinking this morning about that "sign of hope". Paul's message after his beatings and shipwrecks and imprisonments and deprivations, etc. was that if God's grace can be sufficient to him in light of his many sins against Him (the chief among sinners), then His grace can be sufficient for me (I'm leaving out, I know, the trail of Scriptures and the specifics of his message. Just giving you what the bottom line was for me). Earl also spoke of Jonah as being a sign of hope as well. When he showed up in Ninevah, who knows what he looked like after living in a fish for 3 days and we don't know how much of his testimony he shared, but it is likely he spoke of God's judgement in light of their sin using his own story as an illustration. And they repented!! They saw their sin and they saw how God had shown mercy to Jonah in light of his sin. They had hope that they would find mercy with God as well.

My hope this morning . . . for bearing fruit in the lives of my children, for helping my husband, for living with grace to serve all those in my sphere of influence is found in God alone. He alone is my rock. He alone is my Savior. He alone can rescue my soul from the overwhelming flood. He alone can transform this selfish heart . . . to break apart the stony ground and replace it with soft, fertile soil.
He alone is what I am desperate for!!


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