Hi! This is Emily. Here is what I'm thinking about today . . .

We got a lot of the Sana Ana winds today and it was fun hearing the wind howling outside!
Today Dad took us to the bank to open up our first account and I think the biggest thing
that stood out to Molly and Annie was the toys! We each received a piggy bank and a toy of
our choice for our entering the Kinecta Bank Account for kids.

I am divided against the wind. Half of me wants the wind to go on all week.The other half wants the wind to stop because there are about 10 big, huge fires all over California. One is even
down in Irvine about 5 miles away from where my Grandma lives. I bet the smoke is polluting the air so much down there that she doesn't want to open her door unless she absolutely has to!I
certainly hope the firefighters can get the fire under control before too many people get injured or killed.

Well, I think I'll close it down for tonight and I hope everyone has a good night!
Em M.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Mrs. Rupprecht

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