The Big Day!

This year for Christmas, the kids received a trampoline from their aunt and mawmaw and pawpaw from Louisiana. They were soooooo excited!! (And so were Mom and Dad!)

Thursday night we drove and picked it up and today was the day of assembly
(trumpets, please!).

Poor Earl . . . he has been "taxed" to the limit this year as he's been called upon to assemble an electric train set and a race car track plus the trampoline today. He did awesome jobs on all three of them!! (loud applause and screaming!!)

The day begins . . . with reading the directions. ("Hmmm . . .says here it requires the help of 3 strong and able-bodied adults . . . hmmm . . . ")

We didn't have the 3 adults, but we had LOTS of energy and enthusiasm and some good senses of humor.

So far, so good!

Even Jonathan stuck it out all day, helping where he could. He was a real trooper!

Of course, David enjoyed getting in there and helping his dad. It's fun to see him so capable of TRULY helping now.

Things were going along smoothly and we all were getting excited with every step. I (Jan) was busy inside taking down Christmas stuff and taking pictures and helping when I was needed. I kept sticking my head out of the door and asking, "Is it done yet?" to which my very wonderful husband kept cheerily replying, "Just 15 more minutes!" (Sound of a big smooch!)

We got to the part of putting on all of the hundreds of springs. Earl was pulling on this thingy and I was supposed to stretch this spring onto that thingy that he was pulling towards me. I thought I was going to die!!! After about 7 of them, I was as good as dead and while Earl went to get some gloves for his hands ("I'm sorry, how are those supposed to help MY arms???), David figured out a different way. He figured out a way where he could do it all by himself. Hmmm . . . we just stood back, red-faced and watched him finish in 5 minutes what it would have taken us 3 days to finish. Go figure! Yeah, David!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Another big smooch from your mom who was about to cry that she couldn't help your dad finish this important step!!)

You go, Boy!!! (I was soooo proud of you!!)

Finally it was done!! Whooo Hooo!

Earl had just enough energy for one inaugural jump!

This is Molly, just after landing on her feet after completing a double, side-winder somersault, with 2 half twists!! You go, girlfriend!!

We finished this part about 2:30 . . . just in time for each of the kids to have a quick turn jumping before we laid the "littles" down for a needed rest time. (Earl and I even took a break and had some quiet time alone!)

Then it was back at it to hurry and get the enclosure put together. We ALMOST finished, but darkness fell and we were forced to retire, with just a few more steps to go.

Thank you, Aunt Sonya and MawMaw and PawPaw!!!We are sooooo excited to use this. It's an awesome gift!!! (The kids keep saying, "I can't believe we have a trampoline!!!!!!!!!")


D & A said…
Color me way impressed!! Wow. I think it would have taken us a few weeks to get that thing together. =)

My Dad has a similar one and the kids love it!
OH HOW FUN! We set it up on the same day as you guys!!!! You and I should have been talking on the phone or something. :-) Wouldn't it be crazy to get our 9 kids on one of those things together!
And, yes it was nice enough to have 2 kids who actually "helped" this year. You may have noticed in my pictures, that Chandler helped by holding tools and playing in the box. Sometimes staying out of the others way was "helping" ya know??? Man, I wish we could all get together and watch our kids have fun, or take a jump together!!!
Love and miss you lots,

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