A Day of Thanks!

This Thanksgiving was a wonderful time for our family. Jan's uncle and aunt from Washington were in town and came over to spend the afternoon and evening with us. It was great getting to see them! Earl's sister from Louisiana flew out to spend a few days with us as well. It's always a joy for us to have her stay. Jan's mom came and we were delighted that Jan's sister, Gail, was able to get off of work early to join us also. So . . . .we had a full house this year to match our full hearts!

The kids all helped to decorate the house and the table (our favorite part!).

Irene, Gail, and Emily

The day after Thanksgiving, we took Sonya down to the Seal Beach Pier and had lunch at Ruby's and then played in the sand a bit. It was a BEAUTIFUL CA day!

On Saturday, we met with my uncle and aunt at Mimi's for breakfast and got to visit a little more with them. They enjoyed seeing the kids open their gifts of "headlamps" to read in bed with. Even Jonathan got one and felt like a "big guy". The kids have found all kinds of ingenius uses for those headlamps!

On Monday morning, Sonya had to fly back home. So we postponed our school day a little and took some pictures and played a bit until Daddy said it was time to leave for the airport. As usual, there were lots of tears.

It was a wonderful few days together . . . remembering the MANY blessings our family has received: our many friends and family, the ministry we've been priviliged to serve in, physical provisions and always plenty to eat and wear and to occupy ourselves with. Most of all, Earl and I are profoundly grateful for the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ in atoning for our sins, mediating between us and the Father, and satisfying us with life-giving joy and a firm foundation on which to stand during our pilgrimage.
Thank you, God, for yet another wonderful year of life!!


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