Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We (children) had an awesome time skating today !!!!!Very exciting!!!!! Mom did
quite a bit of videoing.Molly got to use her new skates (the ones she got for Christmas).She's ge-
tting very good on them.Emily is also is getting very good at skating.I'm getting faster on skates
too.Today in the races,I came in last,BOOHOO!No one else in our family went in the races .No one in our family won the dice game.Me, Molly, and Mommy did the Hokee-Pokee.
It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!
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I, Jan, grew up a pretty quiet and shy child. It wasn't until I reached college and became more involved with things that the Lord began slowly pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am realizing now that those years of experience were only preparing me for what was to come . . . parenting!! . . . where I would be pushed
WAY out of my comfort zone! :)
Our dear friends from Wisconsin, sent us a very creative Christmas gift with a "secret agent" type theme involved. We decided to reciprocate in like manner and wrote our thank you note in secret code. I thought it would be creative to include a picture of us in "disguises", carrying out the secret mission we were instructed to do. So, last night we fashioned our disguises and this morning, since we are off of school this week, we headed over to a store where I figured it wouldn't be too busy and we wouldn't be in anybody's way while I tried to get the picture taken. So far so good. But then, I unfortunately had to pick up a few items as well (I'm rethinking the vitalness of cream in my coffee!), so into the store we went and they all insisted on wearing their "bags"! There was not the opportunity to explain to every one who commented what we were doing (where would I have even begun???!), and I tried to look as calm and NORMAL as possible . . . ("yes, we do this all the time" look on my face).
The thing that is so intriguing to me, is how often my children say, "Mom!" in total embarrassment when I do something completely normal in front of people we know (!). But they would deny any embarrassment factor in being so silly in front of total strangers.
Very interesting, don't ya think?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Too Funny!

I was with Annie and Jonathan the other day, taking some things back at Kohl's. My hands were full with "my stuff" and with holding Jonathan's hand and my hair kept getting in my eyes (new haircut). It had been a cold morning and I had on an old flannel coat, but after running some errands I had warmed up and was wishing I had taken it off and left it in the car. Then Annie says, "Mommy, a church man!" Well, I was in a hurry to unload my load so I could get my hair out of my eyes and I didn't exactly want to see anyone from church and have to stop and talk at the moment. If I let go of Jonathan's hand so I could move my hair to SEE to talk, he would have been off and running, so I wouldn't have been able to talk anyway. So I did the only logical thing. I quickly stepped onto the escalator while absent-mindedly mumbling, "Oh, really?" Then, while on our way out of the store, now being able to still hold Jonathan's hand AND keep the hair out of my eyes so I could actually see people (without flipping my head back every 30 seconds . . . argh!), I silently wondered if the "man from church" was still hanging around, when I heard Jonathan exclaim, "Church men"! This time I looked where he pointed and burst out laughing as I saw two very nice looking "gentlemen" in shirts and ties . . . . mannequins! The very ones my Annie saw on the way in. I'm still chuckling over that one . . . Earl and I agree that there has got to be a "lesson" here somewhere about fearing what isn't real. (big smile!)

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