I, Jan, grew up a pretty quiet and shy child. It wasn't until I reached college and became more involved with things that the Lord began slowly pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am realizing now that those years of experience were only preparing me for what was to come . . . parenting!! . . . where I would be pushed
WAY out of my comfort zone! :)
Our dear friends from Wisconsin, sent us a very creative Christmas gift with a "secret agent" type theme involved. We decided to reciprocate in like manner and wrote our thank you note in secret code. I thought it would be creative to include a picture of us in "disguises", carrying out the secret mission we were instructed to do. So, last night we fashioned our disguises and this morning, since we are off of school this week, we headed over to a store where I figured it wouldn't be too busy and we wouldn't be in anybody's way while I tried to get the picture taken. So far so good. But then, I unfortunately had to pick up a few items as well (I'm rethinking the vitalness of cream in my coffee!), so into the store we went and they all insisted on wearing their "bags"! There was not the opportunity to explain to every one who commented what we were doing (where would I have even begun???!), and I tried to look as calm and NORMAL as possible . . . ("yes, we do this all the time" look on my face).
The thing that is so intriguing to me, is how often my children say, "Mom!" in total embarrassment when I do something completely normal in front of people we know (!). But they would deny any embarrassment factor in being so silly in front of total strangers.
Very interesting, don't ya think?


Barbara said…
Oh my gosh! That looks like SO much fun! I can only imagine the wondering stares you must have gotten! (I bet they were all secretly very, very jealous that none of them had, or were, that fun of a mom.)
Anonymous said…
You know, there's something familiar about those legs and shoes, but I just can't place the faces! I think I've seen them at the market too. Whoever they are, they certainly look like very good secret agents.

D & A said…
That is way too fun!!! LOL!
instead of the "bag ladies" it's the "bag kids."
If my kids saw that pic, they'd get some ideas!!!!
what a fun memory though.

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