Great is His faithfulness. It reaches to the skies.

Got to share with my children this morning the incredible ruling in California that seeks to make homeschooling illegal unless the parent has a teacher's credential. It will be used to make homeschooling illegal unless it is depublished or overturned. My children all looked at me (well, not Jonathan) and asked if they were going to have to leave and go to public school. I was able to assure them that they wouldn't, since I was a CA certified teacher, but that it would most likely make things much more difficult and changes were bound to be felt. But what about the others - all of our friends? What about the premise of this ruling that undermines the rights of parents to educate their own children?
If this goes through, it will be just the first step. It's not about logic. It's all about money and agendas and when we "fight" we must remember that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and dark forces of the world. This is a spiritual battle and demands spiritual armor. We must pray at all times and take up the shield of faith. We must gird our loins with truth and shod our feet with peace. We must never take off our helmet of salvation - we may train our horses for battle but the victory belongs to the Lord! We must wear honorably the breastplate of righteousness - the very righteouness of Jesus Himself and learn how to wield the sword of the Spirit well.
If our children go to public school at some point, we will not fear or anxiously look about us. We will trust in the Lord, though believing that our rights have been violated and we will do everything in our power to fight against it. We have read too many biographies of godly men and women who entrusted their children to the Lord in very difficult times, only to have their children emerge with a faith stronger than their own.We are praying and signing every petition we can and we will rally where we can and where we are needed. The Lord will fight for us! Please pray with us.

Click here to sign the petition to get this ruling depublished so that other courts can't use it.
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Rachel said…
Great post, Jan! I'll be praying.
Rachel (Doug & Barbara's daughter)
D & A said…
I signed the petition and will pray!
Barbara said…
Oh, that's such a lovely photo, Jan. Perfect for the mood of the post. We really do need to go out on a photowalk sometime.
I signed the petition a few weeks ago. The day mom and dad called me from CA to tell me about it. I've kept up on it. But your thoughts are right, Jan. His faithfulness is great, and we can trust HIM even in this. We don't want to lose sight of HIM in this trial for homeschoolers. I know CA is the leading state in so many things, so we're fighting for it for you all just as much from over here, knowing it will eventually effect us too. And I have no time/money/desire to go get a teaching credential! wow. You're blessed to have that.

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