A Date With My Son

I went out last night . . .
with my second favorite male!

David is fun to be with and he makes me laugh.

We went to his favorite place . . . A&W Rootbeer and got the "Manager's Special" . . . 2 rootbeer floats! Then we sped our way over to the beach to try to get there before the sun set. We didn't make it, but it was lovely to be there all the same.

We walked along the beach and talked about "stuff" and he enjoyed just being silly. A typical 9-year old boy. He found a stick (surprise!) and drew "cross bones" every couple of feet. "This will really make the people wonder about what's going on here when they come and see these tomorrow . . . (snicker, snicker)".

I asked him what he planned on being when he grew up. (Every parent is obligated to ask this, aren't they? And the answers are so fun!) "All I really want to be is a football player." "Hmmm . . . that's interesting." (Every parent is obligated to answer this way, when they aren't sure WHAT to say, aren't they?) "Anything else?" "Well, I don't want to be a police officer. That's too dangerous. I may be a builder. Or maybe a shop keeper." "Really? A shop keeper? What kinds of things would you sell?" "Oh, wood things that I build. Yeah, I've got to have a real job until I make the big bucks playing football." Now, mind you, this boy has never really played football. Just watched mainly. This conversation was very interesting to me. Really. Not just my obligatory word.

Grow . . . my adorable son.
Reach high.
Laugh often.
Dream big.
Find Jesus to be sufficient for EVERYTHING you need.
May the passion of your heart be . . . "ONLY JESUS!"

Lord Jesus . . . grow this son of ours.
Breathe life and passion into his very being.
Delight his soul with Yourself.
Amaze Him with Your goodness.
Feed Him on Your faithfulness.
And may Your kindness draw his heart Your way.

Note: Yes . . .I know. I need to remember to turn OFF that pesky date stamp. Grrrrr.


D & A said…
Wow he is really growing!!
that is so precious that you had that time with him.
They are growing up SO fast, aren't they?
And at this age, usually their answer changes monthly as to what they are going to be when they grow up.
Right now I have one that wants to be a football player too. :-)
blapo said…
dio mater, frater diamos havok dominus sempero daro!


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