That was this week's photography assignment.

I sweated over this one.

Taking pictures of chicken nuggets or burritos just didn't seem "creative". I actually had to cook something worthy of a photo, or come up with another definition of "dinner".

I considered working with our tortoise "Sammy", but nothing too fruitful came of it.

Then, lo and behold, it just so happened (thank You, Lord!) that we had this week off from school and Wednesday was spent at home ALL DAY - except for a trip to the library - so I had time to prepare a photo worthy meal (which, by the way, I really enjoy doing!).

AND . . . the lighting was just perfect as I set everything on the table
and called the crew.

Sooooo . . . with a few rearrangements here and there, and a couple of pictures later . . .


I liked this one better.
I loved the lighting on the bread especially (I LOVE homemade bread!).

Unfortunately, my family was not as thrilled over the lighting
and the excitement of capturing such wholesome goodness on "film".

But they love me and I promised to put them all up on our blog with funny captions. They really have been very encouraging over all of my pictures (and don't complain about the blurry ones or about the bad lighting!)

Now I am sweating over coming up with next week's assignment!


fun stuff, Jan. I'm starting up my blogspot blog at sethswifeforlife
love the faces and captions of the kids.
when are you coming through this way?
Barbara said…
Oh, Jan, I LOVE your photos!!! Love the captions; that made the post. I must admit, I am still working on my assignment, but I'll have it up tomorrow. There are few shots in the camera, but none that I really liked. I've been quite distracted, as I have this "thing" happening at my house on Saturday...
SevenPilgrims said…
love it,mom!!
Rachel said…
The lighting was great for your dinner shots, very nice. But your captions made me laugh out loud!
D & A said…
OK I loved the captions and seeing the kids but this time I have to say that my fav. was the one of the bread. The clarity and lighting are perfect IMO. Way to go!!!!

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