So, I have this really great friend who has taken me under her wing, so to speak, and is trying to help me in my pitiful photography skills.

Her suggestion this last Sunday?

"Let's do a weekly assignment."

"Sure", I gamely (and naively) replied. "What's the assignment?"

"Red", she plainly states.



"Ok. Red."

So, Monday morning began my quest to find something red to photograph.

I learned quickly, that red is one of those colors that seems grossly (and unfortunately) missing from our home decor.

However, my eyes began to be trained to see red.

Here was my first photo as we were out and about on Monday:

Very creative, I know. (Sarcasm intended)

And rats . . . that pesky date stamp again!

I had not yet found my "assignment photo".

We'll try again.

Now, I'm getting desperate.

What do we have that's red?!

I know . . .

Hmmmm . . . still not what I'm looking for. I'll know it when I see it though.

How about this shot?

This is where I live.

Every morning. Almost.

Actually, that's not my favorite mug. I don't even use that one.

But it was red.

But I think it's funny, especially since Earl and I used to joke early on that we were able to keep our kids in bed with duct tape. Not really. I mean, yes, we joked about it, but we weren't serious. It was those little white pills that kept them quiet and in bed. No, I'm still joking. I mean yes, they were quiet and stayed in bed, but it was God's grace and goodness to us and due to some very GREAT parenting counsel we got early on.

Anyway, this was the photo I "submitted" . . . but it still wasn't "the one".

However, my family is sick of hearing about "red" all week and having to wait on school while I get the perfect shot. (Did I really just type that they were sick of having to wait on school?? That is soooo not the truth. Sorry.) So, my search has ended and I will wait until next week's assignment search begins . . .


Barbara said…
"OK, round..."
Rachel said…
What a fun assignment! I think your next word should be "abstract." Or maybe "nebulous."
fun post, Jan!

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