How could this happen?
We've been married almost 12 years and I never saw this coming!

My husband just announced that . . .
he prefers Pepsi over Coke!

What do you mean??
Do you realize the HUGE ramifications of your decision, Honey????
My father's father worked for Coca-Cola Co. so obviously we drank nothing but Coke.
His father before him drank nothing but Coke.
His father before him drank nothing but Coke.
His father before him drank nothing but Coke.
And so on and so on and so on.
For hundreds of generations!
Do you see how HUGE this is?
"But Honey," he insists. "It's not that I don't like Coke. I'd just prefer a Pepsi."
No. That doesn't fly. There is a HUGE difference. You've crossed the line, Bucky.
On our first date, I knew that my husband was the one I was to going to marry.
You know how?
'Cause when he went to order something refreshing to drink,
he ordered a "Coke float".
You see?
He was telling me that like so many millions of Americans,
the only obvious choice for taste and refreshment was a Coke
(of course a little ice cream added to it never hurts!).
So now what will I do?
As a wife, I am to be submitted to my husband in all things.
Is this really an area of freedom?? (I don't think so.)
The Bible clearly states not to be "unequally coke-d".
How will we raise our children?

I need to go think . . .

And have a Coke!


Barbara said…
Just when you think you know your Male.... geeschhh...... Here's to more fun surprises in the future!
You're too funny! It's crazy how many surprised there still are in life and marriage, even when we think surely there couldn't be!?!?!

Hey, are you all still coming through this way this summer?
We will be out of town some, but I wanted to see when /if you might be through, so we could definitely see you and/or have you stay with us (no room at my parents this time, but we've got room!)

Keep me posted, friend!

Anonymous said…
What do yooou mean--no tried and true recipes? What about flank steak, rippy roast, meatloaf, etc.?
You are toooo funny! How do you find the time to write on this blog? Probably from all the caffeine in all the cokes you drink every day!!!! Mom
Gary said…
Good choice Earl!

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