Keeping it Real

I have been a mom for 11 years now.
I have been a wife for almost 12.
I have cooked oodles and oodles of meals over the years.
Now, I admit . . . when I first started out, things were a little "ify".
I was learning on the fly. Trial and error.
When we had company, and I would cook a new dish, my husband would say,
"That drives me crazy when you do that! Why don't you cook a tried and true stand-by?"
"Honey," I'd reply sweetly and patiently, "I don't really think serving cold cereal would be appropriate tonight."
I had no "tried and true stand-bys".

Of course, we had to endure the humiliation of whisking away half-cooked chicken from the table just as our guest was about to "dig in". (Yes, this actually happened when our good friend and former pastor was staying at our home . . . sigh . . . )
But, now I think I'm a pretty good cook.
I have acquired a "few" tried and true dishes. My kids actually even enjoy a few of them.
I no longer sweat when we invite people over. (Well, not much anyway.)
But tonight changed my thinking on all of that.
As I was in the kitchen preparing the wonderful meal that my family will soon partake in, my 3 year old ran in and said, "Mom! What are we having?!" (He speaks with exclamation marks constantly.)
I told him, "hamburgers and fries".
Then my 5 year old, so sweetly and tenderly said, "Oh good! The burnt kind?"

Oops . . . gotta go . . . I smell something!


Barbara said…
LOL!!! Out of the mouths of babes... But, you are not alone, dear friend. My children will never let me forget the stir-fry I made with vanilla rather than soy sauce... the bottles were VERY similar you see, and I was in a hurry, and well, so it goes...
Linda said…
Keep the pictures and stories coming. I need some entertainment in my day! ;) Makes me feel better too! That was your goal wasn't it?!
You have an adorable family! I bet you are a fantastic cook!!!
Rachel said…
Hee hee.... I was beginning to think I am figuring out this whole "dinner" thing, until last night when I served undercooked chicken AGAIN. I think it would be an improvement if I burned it for once!

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