Exceedingly. Abundantly.

My last post was on "shattered dreams".
This one is on . . .
God granting dreams that you haven't even dared to dream.
But that's the kind of God He is -
delighting to bless His children . . .
just because He can!

A few weeks ago,
at church,
between services,
a couple handed me an envelope and said,
"This is a little something for your upcoming vacation."
(We're going to the Grand Canyon in two weeks!!)
A "little" something.

Well, as Earl and my children will tell you,
I don't live long with curiosity.
So, during the announcements,
I peeked.
I had to.
The envelope felt different than I expected a "little something" to feel.

I just about did a Geneva Jig
right there in the aisle.
But of course, that would have been unbecoming
of "the pastor's wife".
So, instead, I sat there in shock . . .
barely able to concentrate the rest of the service.
"I have to give this back."
"It's too much."
In the envelope was a check
and a clear message that it was to be used
to buy a new camera.
A "little something" for our vacation. Yeah, right.

Now, we already had a camera.
And I have been very content with it,
(I had to be - nothing else was even remotely possible in the foreseeable future!)
getting some great pictures.
And I've loved this camera because it too
was an expression of love from our
church to us five years ago when we
had no camera of our own.

But now the Lord has seen fit
to do exceedingly and abundantly above what I have even thought about
or dreamed about!
He has provided a new SLR camera.
The camera of my dreams!
A Nikon D40.

Think about it.
God tells us to lay up treasures in Heaven, where neither rust nor moth destroys,
and where thieves can't break in and steal.
And then He goes and blesses His children with mere toys.
Temporal toys.
Imagine then, what "energy" He must be expending to bless us in the spiritual realm!
(Dear Gentle Reader, please don't misinterpret my use of the word "energy". I just can't think outside of human terms right now.)

"Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

If my God will go to such great lengths to bless me
with things that may perish tomorrow,
then I surely can trust Him
to confirm me to the end
and to present me spotless
and to provide all I need for life and godliness.

My mind and spirit have enjoyed trying to wrap themselves
around this truth lately!

Thank you again, O gracious God,
and generous benefactors!


How fun is that? What a way to bless you guys!
And what a neat expression of HIS love to you all through a servant of HIS!

Have fun with that "little something!"
a. ann said…
I haven't been blog reading in a while but when I saw your comment this evening and your blog address I just had to~ I've enjoyed your family blog so much as I've read the posts -- the kids all seem grown up, but wait, I can't say that, or that would mean mine are too :) Looks like a very fun vacation for all ! and a wonderful camera to go along with you! Praise the Lord -- and enjoy getting to :know: it :) A good camera does make photography so much more fun and enjoyable I think.

Hope you are doing well. I would love to do lunch one of these days. I know God is loving on us both and I am sure there is so much I could glean from you about what He has taught you~ and is teaching. Not that you're an 'older' woman :) cause goodness I don't think I'll ever see you as older than 29 in my mind, but I know Time has passed us by a bit and I know He has guided you and lead you and shown you much I'm sure~

love you,

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