Oh, Jolly! We're Back!!

Oh,my goodness! We're back!!

Mom is busy taking care of all the laundry, so this is Emily.
We had a perfectly awesome trip! We spent the first night in Williams, Arizona and were "welcomed" by a cowboy skit out in the street!
We got up early Wednesday and hurried to the train station. The day of our Grand Canyon tour!! Before hopping on the train, we watched another cowboy skit.

Love that photo!

OK. To make a long story short, it was our first train ride and we were very excited-especially David............Did I tell you that he claims to have drank SEVEN Sprites and that when we asked him his favorite part of the trip, he answered,"Besides all the Sprites?
Hum....I can't think of anything"!! OK. That's David for you-loves soda.

Anyway, I think we got some great shots of the canyon from different view points. Oh, my goodness!! SUCH beautiful scenery!! It was definitely worth the heat!

Caves in the side of the canyon. Actually, Indians used to live in the caves!

The Colorado River

And we actually had a" surprise train robbery" on the train ride back to Williams! Surprising how nervous you can get even when you know what's coming!

Thursday, we just spent the day touring Williams, and Dad and us older three went horseback riding for the first time!

Friday was another long day in the car on the way to Tucson, Arizona. We had had plans to stop by the house of some of our very good neighbors who had moved to Phoenix, and we were very grateful for those plans. When we were driving in the gate, the guard told us that we had a flat tire! Thankfully, we were able to pull under a tree and wait for the Cooks to come pick us up. Did I mention that we were standing in heat possibly near 112 degrees Fahrenheit?! Anyway, we arrived safely in our nice and cool hotel room after spending a fun afternoon ''swimming'' in the Cook's small pool. Let me mention that Mom's definition for swimming that afternoon was sticking your feet in the water, not your whole body. However, we did end up get more than"a little"wet, thanks to the idea of trying to "catch" this rubber ducky thermometer!

The next morning we took an hour's drive to Tombstone, Arizona. Earlier, we had received the news that it would probably be exceedingly hot, so we were extra grateful when those welcomed storm clouds began settling in and a light sprinkle began.

Oh well, Mom says that my time is up so maybe she'll finish it up for me!
OK, I'm logging out.


Rachel said…
The pictures are gorgeous! What a fun vacation. Horses, trains, friends, and lots of Sprite... what could be better? (smile)
Thanks for stopping by and catching up, Jan! I think the dress would make me look like a large roll of patterned paper towels, so I cut my losses (literally) and cut up the muslin for other projects. It was a learning experience!
D & A said…
Beautiful pictures! That first one is my absolute fav.

Looks like you all had a grand time. So glad!!
Linda said…
Looks like you had a great time. Glad you are home... when are we getting together? ;)

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