School's Out!!

Today was the last day of our school year.
We're all ready to take a break for awhile before hitting the books again in August.
My "students" have already been busy transforming our backyard into a fantasy play area.
I realized today that we enjoy being home. . . . together.
My kids enjoy playing with each other . . .always have.
I'm grateful for that.
Terribly so!
I love to hear them squealing and laughing and imagining together out back.
Yes . . . we have the same heart issues that others do that must be worked through at times.
And that reminds me that I'm grateful for a husband who has given us a vision as a family to work through those attitudes to the glory of God in our home.

So, here's to slower days together enjoying all our "toys", and good books,
and enjoying days out with friends,
and adventures together!

Now, if you'll excuse me . . . I've got a vacation to plan!
Grand Canyon . . . HERE WE COME!


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