Coast Community Church

This year, marks 12 years that Earl has been pastor at Coast Community Church. We love our church! We met for about 6 years at another facility on Saturday nights, 'cause that was what the Lord provided for us when Fountain Valley School District sold the land that we were leasing. Now we have been meeting at an elementary school on Sunday mornings for over a year. We love our Sundays.

Earl teaches a "Pastor's Class" at 9:00 a.m. Right now, he is teaching on parenting out of Ephesians 5. He has already spoken on wives, and husbands. We break for 1/2 an hour and then at 10:30 he is preaching through Romans. So good!

During the 9:00 hour, our children are in Sunday School classes. This is our 4-8 year old's class. Molly and Annie are both in this class.
They sing, recite the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and are taught the Scriptures.

Some men from our body lead the 8-12 year olds. They too are going through the Westminster Shorter Catechism and learning more in depth about the doctrines of our faith. Emily and David are in this class.

Then we have a nursery and 2's and 3's class. The goal of this class is to introduce them to the Catechism, and get them ready to sit through the worship service while playing with them, reading to them, singing with them, and sharing the wonderful truths of Scripture with them.
These little ones are in their class for the entire morning, whereas the older students (4+) are in the worship service with the adults, learning to worship through song and through listening to the Word preached. Our Jonathan has one more year in this class. Then I will have all 5 of them with me during the service!

After the worship service, we have time to mingle with our friends and catch up on the week.
We end about 12 ish and have until about 1 pm before we have to be out of the Multi Purpose room.

Then it's time to break down all the equipment and diligently load up the trailer which is parked on the side of our house during the week.
I am really impressed with all the young men who faithfully serve in this area week after week. God has blessed Coast with many faithful servants!

Then, it's Jonathan's favorite time of the day.
Lunch time!
We have use of the grounds all day and so many families bring their lunch, or go and buy it and bring it back, so they can spend the afternoon fellowshipping and enjoying the ministry of the Body to a greater degree.

Many of us find solace and refreshment under the shade trees.
It is a sweet time of fellowship and a very restful afternoon.

We also have shaded picnic tables available.

After lunch, it's PLAY TIME!
During the summer and warm months, the youth (and those eternally young souls)
gather on the field for a game of soccer or Capture the Flag, or football.
One of our young men is faithful to lead them in prayer for safety and godly attitudes, etc. I especially love how the older youth involve and welcome the younger kids. This is Emily and David's favorite time of the day!

It is also a time for mentoring and discipleship and passing along other skills.

Earl seldom eats with us, as his day is mainly spent talking and listening.

Our family has been staying until about 4 pm these days. It is a long, fun, relaxing day for all (well, fun for the kids and I anyway.)
Earl gets home after locking up the grounds between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. He is usually exhausted and tries to get a quick rest in before dinner.

We love our days at Coast.
We love the teaching and preaching. (big smile)
We love our friends.
We love seeing the people working out their salvation along with us.
We love seeing the Body of Christ caring for one another.
We love the privilege of being involved in the lives of those at Coast.
We love sharing the common bond of a passionate love for the King and worshipping Him in all that we say, think and do.

Living for His glory . . .
Learning about His grace . . .
Empowered by His righteousness . . .
Standing on His promises . . .
Growing in holiness . . .
Walking in His joy and peace.


Barbara said…
Oh, how we love this body too! It's nice to go on vacation (like we did last week), but we really miss church when we're gone...
seriously, this post brought tears to my eyes. You guys are living out what we did for many years. I loved everything about Coast, and still to this day have a hard time not comparing any church we have been to or visit to Coast! And I can't believe you guys have been there 12 years! Cuz we were only there for 10!!!
Wow, what service and dedication. I know that the Lord uses you all in might ways.
I love how you meet again in an elementary school and do the lunch thing afterwards and Capture the Flag still lives on! Man, I've just had a flashback of my youth memories!
Thanks for sharing Jan. Sure do miss you!
Anonymous said…
Wow, seeing those pictures makes me miss my home church! I miss you guys, and I will be happy to be home!

SevenPilgrims said…
We miss you and your family, Sarah! Hurry home safely!! It feels like you've been gone for weeks. smile.
SevenPilgrims said…
What a sight! I LOVE the pictures! I wish we could show some of the hilarious humor this church has, especially its pastor( my dada)!

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