Disabled Parenting

Church was good this morning.
(Oh, there's Earl rubbing off on me again. Let me rephrase that.)
Church was completely great and just what I needed to hear this morning!
(There, that sounds more like me.)

We started our worship through the teaching of the Word by talking about parenting.
Here is Earl's definition:

Christian parenting is the divine stewardship of immature sinners by more mature sinners by the grace of God through faithfulness to the revealed will of God (Word) for the glory of Jesus Christ and the eternal good of the children's souls.

I am a disabled parent.
I am disabled by sin.
I am a sinful parent walking through each day.
My sin disables me from loving perfectly.
It disables me from having a biblical perspective and practice.

A Gospel-centered perspective focuses on the imputation of Christ's righteousness and looks away from my failure to love God and man perfectly and look to Jesus' righteousness of perfectly loving God and man all the way to the cross . . . as a sinful parent.

A Gospel-centered perspective also focuses on the obedience of faith and does the hard thing (obedience) while trusting God for the good thing (His promises) . . . as a disabled parent.

Seeing myself as "disabled" by sin,
helps me to avoid "pharisaical parenting".
In Luke 18:9-12 we see a man who trusted in himself
and viewed others with contempt.
He did not see his own sin.
When I am blind to my own disease of sin,
but well aware of my children's sin areas,
I lose my ability to parent with compassion and empathy.
I must remind myself that in a real sense,
I am in the same boat as they are,
(though farther ahead - maturity)
wrestling with indwelling sin and the weight of the law,
and in need of a Savior and Redeemer.

The place of humility brings grace,
and Christian parenting takes the grace of God.

More about what "Christian parenting" is later.


D & A said…
I needed that! Thanks! It was interesting reading about your church a couple posts ago. Sounds wonderful. Your writing is always encouragement to me...oh yeah and a little convicting. Both of which I can use. I'm really liking all your pictures. The new camera has really enabled you to take your skills to the next level. I know you are loving using it! =)

You got the kit lens correct? If you ever want to step up I highly recommend the 50mm 1:8. You can buy it new for less than $100 (Prob about $60). It is fast and sharp and you can do fun stuff with that depth of field. Best lens for the money. It is the only lens I have used for a couple of years now. Although I need to save for a good zoom lens. The one I want costs waaaay too much though.
What great reminders! I liked the definition of biblical parenting.
Sure do miss you! Are you all going to be coming through here this fall?
If so, let us know!

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