Had a Happy 4th!

Yesterday, our family went to the annual Huntington Beach parade. We've done it almost every year since Em and David were very young.
It's very "small town".

It can be silly.

But it's a lot of fun.

Earl wants to comment on this year's photos too,
so I'm going to turn
the keyboard over to him.
(His comments will be in blue!)

There were lots of boy scouts and Indian guys.
Their outfits can be quite elaborate!

There are some outfits that inspire (or require)
a stern look of determination.

This guy was cool! He even jumped through it.
Quite the performer! (David loved him!)

Orange County rush hour traffic as the gas crunch leads men to creative alternatives ...
although I'm not sure the top hat is very aerodynamic.

I love the marching bands and there were some really professional looking ones this year.

So this is what a bad economy can do to our mighty military ...
couldn't they at least provide


There are always lots of "soldiers" and military vets in this parade.
I always have to make sure that I have my sunglasses with me,
'cause I always get "emotional".
Everyone stands
(I got this picture seconds before everyone

stood up in front of me!).
And applauds.
And says, "Thank you!"
It is such a picture of honor.
And gratitude.
And I love seeing it after hearing SO MUCH negativity in the media.
Yes, the majority of people are still
glad to be AMERICANS!


Oh, how I wish we could have joined you at the HB parade. What great pictures! Are you enjoying your camera? And Earl's comments are great!
Thanks for sharing~ sure do miss you all!

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