A Rest For His People, Part 1

I have always loved the above verse. God has placed eternity in my heart and this body groans to be with the Bridegoom!
But until that 'eternal rest', He graciously provides me with opportunities to get away from it all and rest awhile.
The above picture was taken in Williams, AZ while our son David was having a lesson in "bull whipping". Yeah. We had some pretty fun experiences!

Earl very skillfully loaded up our trusty van

and we all hopped in with excited anticipations of what was to come (I think for our children those anticipations centered around the "vacation treats" they knew were packed in the back just awaiting our "snack stop".)
Our plans to stop at some "lovely rest area" to eat lunch and save money and get some exercise, quickly melted away when the realization came that we were driving through desert and 112 degree heat and 40 mph winds. Uggghhh!
Denny's here we come!!
We arrived in Williams, AZ about 7pm that first night.
Our days there were spent riding the train up to see the Grand Canyon,

Meeting cowboys,

shopping for souveniers, (David bought a new cap gun, holster, and an arrow head for a friend. Emily bought a necklace and bracelet. Molly and Annie bought Indian dolls and rings.)

and horseback riding through beautiful pine trees while this mom stayed back in the hotel reading while Annie and Jonathan got MUCH needed naps
(Earl got some gorgeous shots with our Kodak.
He even got some horse poop shots and one of his silhouette!).

When the horse riders got back to the hotel, we walked across the street to an old-fashioned soda fountain shop and had ice cream.

Some of us TRIED to stay out of mischief

and we learned some new skills.

We enjoyed our time in Williams very much and the weather was perfect.
We enjoyed walking around after dinner and enjoying the "spontaneous" cowboy shows (though I will say that we did not always find their "family friendly performances" friendly to this family). We visited the local cemetery and got some good shots there as the light came filtering
down through the pines before dusk.

All in all, we were amazed as we gazed on God's creation and took in the grandeur and majesty of the Grand Canyon. It truly was breath-taking!
We enjoyed being together and not having a schedule.
We enjoyed reading together in the evenings in the hotel,
and listening to the radio dramas of The Chronicles of Narnia while driving around.
We enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their stories.

We left Williams and drove down to Tucson for the next half of our trip.
So . . . this narrative will be continued.

P.S. I really want to "blog" more of what God was doing in my heart throughout our trip, but first need to get the narrative and pictures up. So, much more to come over the next few months I'm sure.
Stay Tuned!


SevenPilgrims said…
Great blog, Mom! Love it!!
Rachel said…
I feel like I was tagging along on your vacation! What a wonderful trip--thanks for sharing it with us!
D & A said…
Fun, fun, fun!!!

You are getting some amazing picts with that new camera! Woo-hoo. =)

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