A Rest For His People, Part 2

Well, our time in Williams came to a close.
We sure enjoyed all the sights and sounds of small town, America.
Check out this cowboy who greeted us as we drove up the main street.

Before leaving, the kids each picked out a special "Arizona fabric" to bring home with which to make their vacation scrapbooks.
We're looking forward to some fun family nights putting those together and remembering back on all our fun.

We left Friday morning and drove along enjoying the last remaining vestiges of "elevation" and pine trees
before entering the desert later.

We stopped and enjoyed a lovely lookout spot, and looked at all of the hand-made Indian jewelry.
We took some pictures . . .

and stretched our legs!

We drove through beautiful Sedona

and then stopped and had some lunch.
It was hot, but not too bad.

After lunch we drove on into Phoenix where we were to stop and visit with
some dear friends for a little while.
As we pulled up to the guard gate, our tire decided it had had enough of the heat and hard work
and gave out.

So, while Earl and Dick changed the tire in the 112 degree heat, the kids and I refreshed ourselves with lemonade and chocolate chip cookies out by the pool.
It was truly a wonderful experience after driving through the heat and being cramped in the car.
But, it was hard for me to completely relax 'cause I wanted so bad to be with Earl encouraging him or bringing him something cold to drink,
but we had no car.
Neither did Laurann.
How good the Lord was though,
that we weren't stranded on the highway somewhere!
We continued to be amazed at His provision and loving care of us.

Dick and Laurann Cook were neighbors of mine while I was growing up. She used to feed my sister and I (and other neighbors) milk and cookies after school before she had children of her own. I babysit for her beginning when I was 12 years old. It was nice. They were right next door. Lots of memories. I remember she ALWAYS paid me way too much and had the best snacks available. (smile!!)

Thank you, Dick and Laurann for your incredible hospitality in your lovely home that day! It was wonderful to catch up a bit. We were incredibly blessed.
And the cold water lasted all the way to Tucson!

Coming up next . . .
We arrive in Tucson for the last stop on our adventure.


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