The Two-Handed Gospel

Earl has taught all of us the meaning of the Gospel.
The two-handed Gospel, we call it.

"The Gospel says that . . . "

1st finger . . .

"God is the Supreme good.
2nd finger . . .

"Man is an idol worshiper.
3rd finger . . .

"Jesus is the double cure."

4th finger . . .
"faith is trusting in the promises."

5th finger . . .

"repentance is the obedience of faith."

middle finger folded down . . .

"God is sovereign over all."

Thumb folded over middle finger (making a cross)

"Jesus is a willing Savior for all."

"And that moves us to" . . . (the next hand)

1st finger . . .
"Seek God for life."

2nd finger . . .

"Serve others for their good."

3rd finger . . .

"Submit gladly to authority."

4th finger . . .

"Sacrifice in the exercise of freedom."

5th finger . . .

"Speak the truth in love."

middle finger folded down . . .

"Suffer to the glory of God."

thumb folded across middle finger (forming a cross) . .

"Show grace to the ill-deserving."

We recite this as a family almost every morning.
Even our 3-year old almost has it down.
It has been very helpful throughout our days,
and reminds me that I, as a parent,
can't expect my children to walk out the second hand,
if the heart attitudes of the first hand are missing.
So, when the actions of the second hand (or lack thereof)
are causing conflict among us,
we can go and look back at the attitudes of our hearts
and confess where we need to
and beseech a gracious God who promises
to give us what we ask for
in Jesus' name.

"Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner!"
"O wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!"


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