Annual School Pictures

We took pictures this morning,
hoping to get some good "school" pictures of each of the children
as well as a good group shot.

This was the first good one I've gotten of Jonathan
since he was born!
My how grown up he looked to me this morning!

Our Annie takes naturally beautiful photos.
I rarely have to retouch any of her photos, beyond cropping.

This one of Molly and Annie was sweet.
Such giggly girls.
They have sure enjoyed playing and playing and playing together this past year.
It's good to have a best friend who lives in your same house!

I always like to take one of the girls by themselves.
Every year, it turns out differently.
They are growing so quickly.

This is the one of "the boys".
I am partial to black and white photos.
Just something about them strikes a chord with me.
Not sure what or why.

This one just happened
while I was trying to take Emily's portrait.

Jonathan just kind of stuck himself in and Emily went with it.
My kids enjoy picture taking and for the most part
seem very natural.

This was another one that just happened.
My favorite part of picture day is capturing
all of the candid shots that aren't contrived.
Not sure what we were about to do here,
but Annie and Jonathan were perfectly "posed".
They just happen to suck the very same fingers -
a habit we are desperately trying to break (help!)

After a LOT of shots,


"Come on, just 25 more!"
(notice Molly's face . . .
she always takes me seriously,
not sure why.)

We finally got a good one.
I think it will work.


Rachel said…
Beautiful children, beautiful photos!
I think Emily has grown up and changed the most recently! She looks so much older!
Man, I tear up just wishing we could hang out together and our kids could enjoy fellowship too!
We just finished our 2nd week of school, and I'm surviving (by God's grace!). I have a 3 year old as you do....does he join in on all the school stuff, or what kind of plan do you have for him while schooling the others? The first week Chan went right along with what Bryan (Kind.) was doing and it was all "new and fresh" and he just did great, even if it was a bit hard for him. This past week he found himself with no playmates every morning. SO, we're learning to adjust schedules and figure it all out!
I keep meaning to ask you what you're using (curriculum wise). Shoot me an email when you find the time (no rush!)
Sure do miss you. You all still coming through this way this year?
Wow Jan! These are great!!

I agree with "Sethswife" that Emily really is growing up. What a beautiful young lady. Johnathan also looks much older. They are ALL so beautiful/handsome.

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