Budding Interests

This is our oldest daughter, Emily.
She is 11 years old and has more interests than I did at that age.
Her latest interest is jewelry making.
And I think she just may have found her niche.

We had a friend of mine come over one day awhile ago
and show Emily the "basics".

Her dad and I had bought her a fairly large "starter kit" for her birthday,
back in May,
but told her she couldn't open it until she had a lesson.

She was VERY patient
and thoroughly enjoyed

her day with Mrs. Ballsmith.
Mrs. Ballsmith was an excellent teacher
and was so very encouraging

and Emily found it not frustrating in the least
but very enjoyable.

She made the necklace below
for a friend of hers that very first day.

AND I was her first paying customer
as she made a "custom pair" of earrings to match a necklace I had.
(Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she takes custom orders!!)

(Now, I need to learn to photograph these timeless pieces to really show off their beauty and craftsmanship!)

So, now that you have seen some of her work,
feel free to contact her at
and discuss your dreams directly.

She can show you some of what she already has created,
as well as discuss some other possibilities
based on her current supply.

(Emily would like me to mention
that she is still limited in her abilities,

but is seeking to develop her skills and creativity.)

She is currently charging only :
$3.50 for a pair of earrings
$4.50 for a necklace
$4.00 for a bracelet

Oh, and that wonderful friend of ours actually sells her own beautiful jewelry.
Please feel free to visit her site.
Her prices are very reasonable!

Thanks, again, Linda!
It was a very fun day!
(I miss you!)


Linda said…
Your very welcome! Tell her when she is ready we can go for lesson #2. I am still waiting to clean out beads and she will have a few more things to create with. ;)
oh my, I sure with my TIffany (9) could hang out with your Emily! Tiffany LOVES jewelry making too. It's her "alone time" in her room and the only something the boys don't really want to do with her! I just know she and Emily would get along great! When are we going to get together? :-)
love ya~
Richard said…
That is very cool

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