Christian Parenting. Not.

I've already posted here
on what Christian parenting is.

Now I'd like to post on what Christian parenting is not.

It may seem like a "duh", but I tell ya,
as Earl verbalized what seems like no-brainers,
I realized that I really needed to hear it spelled out.
Sometimes I need my thinking tweeked in a major way!

Here is what Earl spelled out for us a few weeks ago during the "pastor's class":

Christian parenting is not simply:

* Christians who parent
as if whatever a Christian does in parenting is "Christian parenting".

* Christians who follow what their Christian parents did or did not do
as if imitating our parents who are Christians could be called "Christian parenting".

* Christians who call their parenting "Christian"
as if taking the world's viewpoint and ways of parenting and "baptizing" them into Christian forms and labels could be called "Christian parenting".

* Christians who ask the question, HWJP: How Would Jesus Parent?
as if simply asking this question apart from the clear teaching of Scripture could be called "Christian parenting".

* Christians who want their children to be Christians
as if the desire alone makes the practice "Christian parenting".

Christian parenting must be centered around Christ and Christ's Word.


Rachel said…
Thanks, Jan and Earl! This was a particularly timely post. It's such a privilege, and huge responsibility, to be chosen as the parents for these precious little ones. Thanks for the reminder.
Bekka said…
Your blog is looking lovely Mrs. Miles. =]

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