What a treat we've had this past week.
Grandma has lived here with us!

My mom (Jan) had shoulder surgery this past Friday and has been staying at our house since Saturday afternoon getting lots of TLC and being constantly entertained.
(Isn't that what everyone wants when they're not feeling well?)

She has taken up residence in our rocking chair by the front window, and we all have helped to keep her ice pack filled and her water cold and the fan going.
Molly has read to her from her favorite Boxcar Children book and has been very attentive to her grandma.

Not sure how restful for her it has been during the day as we have begun to school this week, and between chores and school and getting ready to go places, we can make a lot of noise.

Sunday she slept a lot while we were away at church (checking in by phone), but I think she is beginning to feel better. She has joined us at swim lessons the past two days and sat out front watching the kids do bubbles and stage a western shoot-out.
I've told her she can't go home until she can dress herself (smile), and we're all dreading the day when she leaves, but realize she is probably anxious to get among her own familiar things and routine.

It has been nice having her here. I've enjoyed the quiet evenings to talk a bit before bed, and watching her enjoy her grand children, and getting the blessing of serving her after all of her years of serving me so unselfishly.

We all will get older.
We all will get to the point where we need help with things we didn't before.
How will I handle it?
What will my attitude towards aging be?
It's been good to think through some of these questions.

It's been a blessing having you in our home and a privilege to serve you.
Thank you for loving us and being a source of encouragement as you watched our craziness.
Thanks for treating us to lunch after swim lessons today.
Thanks for tucking the kids in and reading them a story last night while Earl was gone and I had a phone call.
Thanks for being an reflection of God's diversity among His creation.

We love you . . . terribly so!


OH, your mom is such a dear person! I sure miss you all! Glad you've had the opportunity to have her there.

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