Scenes of Summer

Ahhhh . . . Summer!

Summer is over.
For us.

We went "back to school" in August
after taking 6 weeks off.

But it was a fun summer.

Though we did do lots of fun things,
I guess my 9 year old son got bored.

This was his idea of "fun".
A new decor for our ceiling out of pony tail holders. I was amazed at how long those suckers stuck up there! And I think he was too!!

(I came home from a conference and found the new decor.
Even a saleslady commented on it,
since it is right in our foyer.
It eventually came down,
after he was "threatened" with a shrinking wallet.

But otherwise,
we kept very busy with spending Fridays at
Grandma's pool
(oftentimes with friends),

experimenting with bubbles ,

reading lots of books in comfortable places,

having friends over for picnics under the trampoline,

and waging water fights while Dad was washing the cars!

Jonathan doesn't care much for water fights so here is where I found him, hiding amidst the laundry basket set out to dry.
(I loved his serious little expression!)

We also amused ourselves by going on a "treasure hunt"
complete with clues,

and a treasure at the end!! (chocolate coins!)

The kids all took swimming lessons for one week and did quite well.
(Jonathan still didn't want to blow bubbles
and would tell his teacher,
"today isn't bubble day", or
"not yet".)

We have loved the summer God gave us.
We have enjoyed the memories and
the days of rest.
We are looking forward to the next "season"
and seeing what God has in store for us.

Blessings on the rest of ya'lls summers!


Diane said…
Hi Jan -- that picture of the water going into the little bubble thing is fantastic... Definitely a wonderful shot of "scenes of summer"!!!!
LOVE all your pics of summer!
I miss CA summers. these HOT humid days are getting old!

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