More Pictures!

So, Team Miles got ready to take
family portraits for another family in our church
this past Saturday.

We prepared our "studio",

and Emily and I worked to get a simple lunch ready.

The boys also got "dressed up"
and helped me get my settings all ready as they posed.

I love black and white and don't use the Sepia tones much,
but for these cowboy shots,
it just seemed PERFECT!

This next shot, was one
I wanted to take,
but Jonathan didn't want to take off
the cowboy stuff.
Notice the "mood".

Here is one I got of Emily.
I think this will do nicely for her "school" photo.
Though she does look/act mature for her age,
she still looks WAY TOO old in this photo.
(And I'm still amazed that I ended up with such a blond daughter!)

Molly can struggle at times with "relaxing" while we're taking pictures.
I finally discovered the trick with her.
"Molly, make your silliest faces."

Then she relaxes,
and I get a very natural "Molly". (smile)

And then . . .
here is my oldest boy (nearly man?).
Where does time go?
When did he grow up?
Wait a minute . . .
he's still only 9 . . .soon to be 10.
He's still my "boy".
It's amazing what editing software can do, eh?
He still likes to play with Leggos and Playmobil and tease his sisters
and throw things on the roof.
I can still enjoy this season . . .
whew . . .
it hasn't flown by yet!

Man, I love these kids!
Thank You, Father, for your abundant blessings!


Rachel said…
Again, great photos, Jan!
DeeDee said…
Those are great Jan!! I love the soft lense.
Beautiful kiddos there!
Linda said…
Awesome! Getting better all the time.

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