Orthodontic Nightmare

Beware . . .
The following image can be very disturbing.

David was given a "functional appliance" last month
to help reshape his bite
before proceeding with full-blown braces.

To our horror,
we didn't realize HOW much it would affect his appearance,
and we certainly didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

If this is what he looks like after a few weeks,
what will my sweet boy look like in six months??!!

Oh . . if I only knew!!
I will never go to this orthodontist again.
Oh, my sweet babies!!

my silly children MADE me write this post for them.
They have just discovered the "fish eye" function on our
photo editing software and boy are they having fun.
If your image somehow ends up in any of our cameras . . .


Christos doulos said…
Wow! And he looked just fine the last time I saw him. How quickly they change. Almost right before our eyes.
Anonymous said…
wow! you look so different! hope to see you soon!
Grandma said…
We think this is the most awesome blog we have EVER read!!!


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