Raising Boys

I never had brothers.
Boys are new to me.
At least they were until I gave birth to one.
(Yes, I'm making a distinction between MEN and BOYS . . . getting "used" to Earl was so easy!).
I remember when I was a teacher's aide, watching the boys in the classroom and being fascinated by them.
I wanted to have a little boy.
(Said in the whiney voice of that girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who wanted everything).
Every once in a while something happens to remind me that
I DO have boys.
I even have a ten-year old boy.

David loves to read.
When I take the kids to Barnes and Noble,
it's funny . . .
Emily turns left (to the fiction),
and David turns right (to the non-fiction).
It's almost like they are on auto-pilot.

I took David the other night to spend a gift card he got for his birthday.
He bought a book.
Since then I have learned things that I never knew before,
or that I even knew I needed to know.

Did you know . . .

* If you live in the desert (and don't leave it), you have a 100% chance of never being eaten by a shark. It's true!

If you drink water from shallow pools in central Africa, you could get a guinea worm that eventually will begin to wiggle it's way through your skin (or eyeball!). It takes weeks for it to come out, so you have to carry a stick around with you with the front part of the worm wrapped around it. Wow! How do those African women do dishes or laundry with having to hold onto those sticks??

* If you are lucky enough to go swimming in the Amazon (my kids have recently just been prohibited from doing this!), you may come in contact with a Toothpick Fish that may take up residence inside of you. That's all I'm going to say on that one. Ewww!

I learned that if ever I am being chased by an alligator, their jaws are really hard to open (weak muscles), so I would easily be able to hold them shut with my hands. Just jump on their back and hold them tight. If I felt I could do it with just one hand, a good punch in the eye with the other one would probably do the trick in deterring the beast from continuing his pursuit.

I have been entertained by all kinds of fascinating facts.
It has truly been amazing.
And if you don't already have one,
I would highly recommend
getting one of these . . .

a ten year old boy.
They are so much fun!


Barbara said…
10 year-old boys are so much fun; every day is a new adventure. Then, they grow up, but not to worry! My 25 and 27 year-old young men still have that spark of life they had has little boys. It's rather endearing, truly.
Yes, aren't boys fascinating!?!?? Especially when all three of mine are distinctly BOY but so distinctly different!
They sure make sure life isn't dull and boring around here!
Wish we could get our boys together~

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