Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little humor

I have taught our children, after the example of Reb Bradley's wife,
to call me "mother most beautiful among all women".
(All in jest, of course!)
The way Jonathan says it, though
changes the whole meaning . . .
"Mother, most beautiful bug woman".

(Serves me right.)

The other day,
Jonathan was passing out our family worship folders
but couldn't read the names on them.
We could tell that he felt self-conscious at not being able to read,
so we made a game out of it:
whose ever folder you got, that's who you got to be for the morning.
Daddy got to be David, I got to be Emily, Annie got to be Molly and so on.
We were all laughing and enjoying it.

Then he handed Molly a folder and she squealed,
"Yay, I get to be Jonathan!"
He smiled (kind of) and started to walk away,

then changed his mind and very seriously turned around,
took back the folder and said,
"No, I want to be him
We all burst out laughing!

The other day I was sipping a blended coffee that I made at home.

Jonathan kept bugging me,

"Can I have a little of that?
Can I just have a little of that?
I want a little of that"
on and on.
Finally I let him have a little sip.

And without missing a beat
and very seriously (he wasn't trying to be funny) he said,
"Can I have a lot of that?"

The other day, while helping Molly with her bath,

we were talking about what a good mom she will make one day
and how fun she'll be.
Somewhere in the midst of the conversation,

she mentioned that her husband "won't be a pastor".
My heart sank.
"Oh no! Is it happening already?
Could she really somehow resent being a PK
and has vowed never to marry a pastor?"

Despite my fear and questions, I
responded calmly,
"So, you're not going to marry a pastor?"

She looked at me with the innocence of a 7 year old and said,
"Well, Mom . . . we'll be going to your church."
Never assume . . . .(smile)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Who Besides God is a Rock?

Regardless of who wins the election tomorrow
and which measures pass or fail . . .

Our God is still King of kings
and Lord of lords.

He still holds our future and
He is still committed to our good.

We are still only pilgrims in this world
and are pressing on toward the goal of the upward prize.

Jesus still reigns over the hearts of men
and turns them where He wishes.

We will still worship only Him
and look to Him to be our hope and salvation,

while living responsibly among His creation here on earth.

We will still hold fast to His word as our source of life and satisfaction,
seeking to please Him in all we do.

Yes, God is enthroned in the heavens,
and He changeth not!

Who besides God is a rock?
Psalm 18:31

We will vote in the morning,
and our eyes will
"look to the Lord our God,
till He has mercy upon us."
Psalm 123:2

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