Who Besides God is a Rock?

Regardless of who wins the election tomorrow
and which measures pass or fail . . .

Our God is still King of kings
and Lord of lords.

He still holds our future and
He is still committed to our good.

We are still only pilgrims in this world
and are pressing on toward the goal of the upward prize.

Jesus still reigns over the hearts of men
and turns them where He wishes.

We will still worship only Him
and look to Him to be our hope and salvation,

while living responsibly among His creation here on earth.

We will still hold fast to His word as our source of life and satisfaction,
seeking to please Him in all we do.

Yes, God is enthroned in the heavens,
and He changeth not!

Who besides God is a rock?
Psalm 18:31

We will vote in the morning,
and our eyes will
"look to the Lord our God,
till He has mercy upon us."
Psalm 123:2


Greg Silsby said…
I thank God for my one vote, and thank Him without end for my unlimited access to His throne through prayer. I have cast my vote, and now I quietly wait upon the Lord.
As John Piper says, "We need a big dose of God's sovereignty!" (did you see the link on my site to what he said just before the election?)

And AMEN He is our ROCK and our defense and the TRUTH that shall not fail!
Praise the Lord we have a Savior whom we call our Father, Friend, and more!

What happened with Prop. 8 in CA? been praying about that.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for putting my own thoughts in such a beautiful way! This is how Christians can live with such peace--God is our Rock --out of which flow rivers of living water.
I calmly cast my absentee vote last week knowing that my Savior holds all things in His hand--that means EVERYTHING!

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