A Time to Rest

Just when the waves of life seemed to overwhelm me,
The Lord in His abundant mercy
provided a place of rest for us.

We were given a week at a timeshare by the beach.
For me, it was perfect timing.
I went with the goal of spending as much time as I could
in the Scriptures, meditating and thinking through things.
I needed to shore up my fighting strategies!

From our balcony, we could see the beach, and
hear the waves at night.

The first two days, it was stormy and rainy.
But we got out some and then the sun
came out and we got out a lot!
There was nothing as refreshing and restoring to the soul
for me as sitting on the beach, watching the children play,
listening to the waves,
thinking complete thoughts,
meditating on Scripture,
and just enjoying the beauty of His creation all around.

Earl worked during the day while we were there,
but took Friday off and Saturday.
On Saturday before we left, we all went down and showed Daddy our favorite
place we had found.

I must have taken about 600 pictures.
Mostly of the clouds.
And the sunsets.
Oh, the sunsets were so gorgeous!
Next time, I want to leave my camera at home, though,
and just sit and bask in the beauty.

It was nice having David along taking pictures as well.
I actually got in some of them this time!

That's all the pictures I have time to post.
My main reason for posting tonight though is to testify to the Lord's abundant goodness to me.
He is so faithful to give rest to His people.
He is so faithful to fill us with hope and energy.
He is so faithful to equip us for the work He calls us to.
He is faithful to gently pry away from us those things that keep us from Him.
He is so faithful to soften the hardened hearts.
He is so faithful to turn our hearts towards Him again.
He is so faithful to give us abundantly of Himself.
He is so faithful!


Greg Silsby said…
Wonderful photos that tell a story by themselves, but even more wonderful supported by the personal testimony. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us and to remind us of God's eternal faithfulness. Sometimes we need someone to play Moses for us, and remind us that God has always been and always is faithful.
Barbara said…
God is so faithful and good to us! I am rejoicing with you on your time of reflection and refreshment. The photos perfectly illustrate the story...
JAN' PLACE said…
lovely, thanks for sharing both the pix and the message!
So glad for you and your time of rest & refreshment!
love you~
Such a nice treat for you all!!

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