One of the things that our family has enjoyed has been our "Letterboxing Adventures". We would highly recommend this fun past time to everyone.

The basic idea is that you need to go to a website and find some clues.
There are letterboxes hid all over North America.

What is a letterbox?
It is a weather-proof box
containing a unique stamp (often homemade),
with an ink pad, and a "guest book".

You leave on your adventure,
armed with your clues and
your own "letterboxing kit" - which contains
your own unique stamp, a stamp pad, a "record book and a pencil.

The idea is to search for the
hidden letterbox without letting others
know what you are looking for.

"Be discreet" is the key.

There were two letterboxes hidden close by to where we were staying.

Here we are looking for box #1:

Here we are looking for box #2:
(We sent David and Molly to look for this one,
so it looked less conspicuous,
once we found the general location.)

Here is what a typical letterbox looks like:

Jonathan joins us . . . we make this a family adventure . . .
and he keeps himself busy with various activities . . .
mainly clueless to what is going on (smile).

Here is David giving me the signal
that they have spotted the hidden box #1:

Here is Molly hiding box #2 under her jacket.
So sneaky!

(The kids love the mystery and "uncover" work!)

Once we find the box,
we take it to a quiet location
where we can stamp our record books
with the found stamp
(my four oldest have their own books),
and then we use our stamp
to stamp the "guest book"
and sign our names and
leave a message of greeting.

Again, Jonathan is GREAT at keeping himself busy
while he waits for us to finish
whatever it is we are engrossed in.

After we are finally finished,
then our task is to re-hide the letterbox
in the EXACT LOCATION we found it,

so that those people coming behind us in the future,
following the same clues we followed,
will have the same joy of finding it.

We have been to some beautiful locations on our adventures!
These past two boxes
were in some of the most beautiful spots
I have had the pleasure of being in lately.

So peaceful and relaxing!
Almost oasis-like.


Barbara said…
What a fun adventure! I'm going to have to check this out. And, such lovely photos, too....
Karen said…
This sounds so COOL!!! What a great memory-maker for your family.
wow, that is pretty neat. what a fun adventure!

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