I've A Hankerin' . . .

You know what I'm hankerin' for?
Well I've got myself a mighty powerful hankerin'
for my kin folk down south.

And I've a hankerin' to put some south in my mouth!
Just can almost taste them corn fritters,
them fried catfish and hushpuppies, gumbo, swamp chicken and
to wash it all down with some sweet tea.
Oh, and don't forget the beignets!
And no one, and I mean no one
can fry up some eggs and bacon like my MaMa.
No siree!
Lyin' in bed, smellin' those smells
will getcha outta that bed alright.

And I need me some runnin' room.
No fences. No boundaries. Just grass 'n trees.

Seein' my clothes a hangin' on the line,
makes me feel right at home.
And everyone else in the neighborhood knows I'm home too!

So, I said to my pa,
"Pa, let's saddle up the old mare,
and let's git ourselves down to see the kin folk.
It's been too long."

So we are.
We're fixin' to go on a road trip.
Gonna see the folks.
Can't wait!

See ya later!!

P.S. If you're in the Baton Rouge area,
the best southern cookin' you'll find is at
Crawford's Two.
That's my Pa's cousin Kenny's place!


Greg Silsby said…
Yum! One of the things I always enjoyed most about attending the National Quartet Convention (Southern Gospel), in Louisville, was the feed one of the guys used to put on for exhibitors, mostly Gospel artists. It was genuine New Orleans fare... the best. There's no cookin' like southern cookin'.
:) Hi Jan!
I chatted w Abby yesterday, and got your blogsite.
Remember me? I stayed w Clements in 91, .....
I was actually thinking about you the other day, wondering where and how you live etc. And Abby said you where gonna come see them this friday :)
I would love to get back in touch w you!! I´m married since95 and have three children -2 boys (age 12 and 8 this year) and 1 girl (age 6), work as a nurse, and we live in Sk√∂vde, Sweden (where I grew up). Have a safe trip! Blessings to you!!!! :)Jeanette

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