Just Being Goofy

Sometime last year,
we made this video.

Earl and I drew upon
all of our combined camp experiences,

my sorority years,
and "just being goofy" times
(yes, Earl can be goofy too!),
and put this together for the kids one night.

I've been wanting to put it to DVD for a long time,
and since we're getting ready to head back to LA,
I thought it would be fun to take it with us.

And, I didn't want to buy any more miniDV tapes, but I needed
to tape Emily and David for a school assignment we need to
turn in to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center before we leave.
So, this was as good a time as any to remind myself of how to work
all this technical stuff we own.

And I decided to swallow my pride
and let ya'll see it too.

But beware . . .
everyone wanted to "do it"
so it got kind of long,
but I didn't want to take the time
to do an edited/shortened version.



Barbara said…
You goofy Miles family!!!
Tiffany & I loved watching this!!!!
Anonymous said…
Too funny! You guys!!

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