The Time of Our Lives!

We are back from the best vacation ever!

Nine states in three weeks.
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas,
Colorado, Utah, Nevada.

The Lord was amazingly good to us at just about every turn.
We enjoyed sweet fellowship with many of our friends and family.
We loved sitting around the tables of so many homes and hearing the stories.
We were humbled and blessed beyond words by the generosity

and open hospitality of so many.
We marveled at the handiwork of God as we drove through deserts, plains, meadows, mountains and bayous.
We enjoyed singing to "Oklahoma" as we drove through Oklahoma, and to John Denver as we drove through Colorado and to the Carpenters singing "Jumbalaya" as we headed into Baton Rouge.

On those days when we arrived at our destination past sunset and it got too dark to read or write, then we popped in our Chronicles of Narnia Radio Drama and enjoyed the stories of C.S. Lewis.
We saw the Lord "heal" our leaky gasket without "professional" intervention.
He saw us through those LONG and HOT roads between Phoenix and San Antonio. Whew!

Our only flat tire occurred in the same parking lot where Earl's cousin-in-law worked at Sears Automotive. Hmmm . . . how convenient.
Earl and I both agreed that it was the best vacation we've ever taken.
And the kids?
Well, they're kids and they had their moments (we all did),
but I must say that the Lord gave them all much grace to ride
squished in our mini-van for over 5,000 miles.
They read, wrote, drew, talked, marvelled at the scenery, and really had a great time.
We sincerely enjoyed being with them all.
Even Jonathan rolled with the punches and took everything in stride.
He's one adventurous guy!

I will post more later . . . as time allows.
Editing over 500 pictures I took at a birthday party yesterday,
(not to mention the over 1400 vacation shots!)
trying to end our school year on a strong note,
trying to stay on top of housework and meals and groceries,
and trying to stay healthy and sane and maintain that "quiet spirit" in the meantime. (sly smile)

The Lord is good,
and so kind,
and His mercies are new every morning!
So great is His faithfulness
to those who trust Him
and walk according to His word.


Just loved seeing you for the moments we were so blessed to spend with you all. Glad you had such a great trip!

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