On the Road Again (1)

When we started out on our trip,
Earl got the van all loaded,
we woke the kids, who had slept in their clothes,
piled 'em all in the van and left by 6:15 am.
Our vacation had started!

We drove for a few hours, before stopping for a little breakfast.
(Note to self: next time bring a blanket and/or table for such stops)

Our next stop, lunchtime, was a little more comfortable.
The kids were able to get out their energy,
it was a little more scenic,
and we didn't have to eat on the ground.

However, it was a tad bit windy.
Have I mentioned that Jonathan doesn't like the wind?
He tried to convince us all that we should eat in the car.
Silly boy.
Nothing doing.

Regarding food,
I had packed some homemade burritos,
some homemade chicken nuggets,
sandwich fixings,
some fruit, and some
granola bars and such.
We feasted on these for lunch and then heated them up for dinner in the hotel.
For breakfast, I had brought disposable bowls and spoons,
and using the coffee maker to heat up water,
we had instant oatmeal for breakfast, with an occassional add-on
from the free continental breakfast downstairs.
This saved us lots of money in eating out expenses.
However, by the time we got to the hotel on Tuesday night,
the sight of the Cracker Barrel next door was too much and we all enjoyed
some real, good, warm food!

We made it the first day into Phoenix quite early.
Earl tried to convince us that we should all take a nap
before going swimming in the nice indoor pool.

Silly boy.
Nothing doing.

We did get a chance to rest that night in our room
and stretch out a bit more.
It was nice.

The boys shared a bed,
and the girls
tried to share a bed,
but it proved too much,
so Annie slept in a makeshift bed on the floor
and everyone slept much better.

We stayed Monday and Tuesday night in a Comfort Suites Hotel.

We got up and out fairly early both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Wednesday, our excitement was high
as we were anticipating getting to Boerne, TX that night
and staying with our first host family, the Buchanans.
We had some lovely stops along the way
and we were all just enjoying the beauty of the area.

Molly picked some lovely flowers at a rest stop
we were at for lunch
and wanted to bring them to the Buchanans,
but alas, they had wilted by the time we arrived.

Our next installment . . . THE GRAND OL' STATE OF TEXAS!


Barbara said…
Pretty flowers...
Funny Earl-face...
Happy swimming kids...
You're off to a great start!
Gary said…
Yikes! Tell Earl to put those teeth back in! Must've fallen in the pool... :^)

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