A Special Spot

Our Molly was born with a "special spot" on her lower right jaw line.
It's special in several different ways.
For one, God put it there. It is part of His design for Molly.
Two, we are just used to seeing Molly with it. Molly is Molly with her "special spot".
And three, only Mommy can kiss her there. It's Mommy's special spot too
(that's what Molly would tell others when she was very young).

Molly's spot is not something she has ever complained about.
She has always been our "go with the flow" girl.

Most of the time, it is hardly noticeable even.

But today,
Molly and I had a special time out as we visited a plastic surgeon.
Molly's dermatologist referred us to her after seeing Molly on Friday.
We had her "spot" biopsied last December because of two dark spots that had developed within her existing spot.
The biopsy came back fine, but did show a few atypical cells.
So, instead of risking those cells turning dangerous in the future,
the wise thing seems to have her spot removed.
They will remove it with a series of surgeries,
taking small sections of it off at a time.

Molly's first surgery will be July 10th.
She will then have to wait about 4 months before scheduling the next one.
The dr. said it could take anywhere from 3-6 surgeries total. Hmmm . . .

So, how are we feeling about all of this?
Fine. Really.
A little curious as to how it will all work out,
but trusting that God has this all planned for our good.
I guess there is a little sadness though.
We are trying to adjust to Molly not having a "special spot" and having
a "special scar" instead.
Molly said we'll have to take lots of pictures in the next month. (smile)
I've got that covered, sweetheart.

So, here we wait.
Trusting God to provide all that we need . . . and desire.
He is always faithful . . .
and ever so good.


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