We interrupt our normally scheduled posting . . .

Instead of taking the time to post more vacation photos and thoughts,
I'd like to take a moment and let you know that something
very important has happened in the Miles household.

It has this Mom and all the kids jumping for joy!!

Aletheia Classical Academy is out for the summer.
Summer vacation has begun!!

Don't get us wrong.
We LOVE school.
But we also love to go to the beach,
swim at Grandma's,
do projects around the house,
lay around and read more good books,
cook up some special, delectable treats,
eat ice cream outside (homemade of course),
visit with friends,
and whatever other activities Mom can think of to keep all of us active and entertained.

(Maybe some of them will even get posted!)
We just don't have enough time to do all of those things during the school year.

The kids worked hard this year and we just completed our school year today.
Last night we had our annual
"Presentation Night" at the Johnson's home.

Jonathan was a good audience while we practiced all week.

Our family performed a history song, and
participated in a history quiz,
(even Jonathan . . .
"Jonathan, what year did Columbus sail to the new world?"

Emily performed a "skit" about "Roanoke: The Lost Colony"



Molly did a book report.



David worked hard on writing a book review on a G. A. Henty book.



They all did a wonderful job and we are so proud of them.

Well done, gang!

Now . . .here's to a wonderful summer!!


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