A Word About Music

I, Jan, grew up listening to lots of different types of music.

My mom took my sister and I to church.
I grew up singing the hymns.
My mom liked classical music and the oldies like
"Delta Dawn".
We had the radio on at home as well as in the car.
We went to the Big Band concerts in Long Beach with my grandparents at Veteran's Park.
My dad loved country music so we listened to
Olivia Newton John, Alabama, and John Denver.
My friend Angie introduced me to contemporary Christian music and we sang to Amy Grant, The Archers and Keith Green all day long.
I would sing to it all.

Road trip music was a very important part of preparing for the journey.
We had to have just the right mood music for our trip.

So, as I have been the mother in charge of "packing",
our music has been an important part of that
(along with books on tape and other educational selections for our listening enjoyment).

I updated our playlist with some of the music that we took with us.
We listened to Willie Nelson as we headed out.
We listened to the Carpenters as we headed back to Louisiana.
We listened to John Denver as we drove over the Rockies.
We listened to "Good Morning, Good Morning" from Singing in the Rain after staying up late in the hotel some evenings.
We sang to "Oklahoma" as we drove along through Oklahoma.

Music can be a mood shaper.
Music can be a tool with which to tie bonds.
Music enables shared memories.

It's fun to hear my kids singing spontaneously "Jumbablya" and to know that they will associate that with going "home" to MaMa and PaPa's house.

Of course, we had our huge collection of Sovereign Grace music and "oldies" like Wayne Watson and Twila Paris to sing to.

Music is important.
It communicates.
It teaches.
It provides food for conversation.
And that's what our road trips are like . . . a big long conversation about life and living and the God who created it all.

For those who don't know, Earl has loved music since his youth as well. (Didn't mean to leave him out.) In fact, when he was in college (LSU), he and his good buddy, Bob, hosted a radio show where they played God honoring contempory Christian music. Earl was called the "Unknown Prophet" and Bob was "Bible Bob". Now that deserves a whole 'nother post someday!


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