"George, I think the Miles' have company!"

We left all our friends in Texas on Saturday
and finally crossed over the Mighty Mississippi

just around supper time.

You should have heard the cheering
and whoopin' and hollerin'!

We enjoyed Earl's family for the next 9 days
and did a lot of laughing and memory making.

(Above: Earl & Rita's home, where Earl and the boys stayed.)

(Above: Sonya's home, where Jan and the girls stayed.)

We made a special point on this trip to get some "quality" family photographs.

We enjoyed attending Don Avenue together as a family
(and filling a whole pew!)

and seeing lots of dear faces that we've come to love over the years

Oh, the Louisiana green
was so refreshing and inviting
and so very hard to leave.

And those Louisiana sunsets, after a day of rain . . .
made sitting outside worth the mosquito bites!

More to come of our memory making in the near future . . .


What great family pictures. And fun memories I'm sure.

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