Texas - #1!

After being on the road for 3 days,
spending two nights in hotels,
eating out only once (yeah for us!),
we finally pulled into the Buchanan's driveway . . .
smoking and spluttering.

Our GPS (which we nicknamed "Edna" after an infamous aunt of Jan's) actually "told" us to pull into a specific driveway,
but it just didn't seem right.
When we called Marlis and asked her if we were sitting in her driveway, she confirmed that we were at the wrong house!
We eventually found them.

O how wonderful to be with friends!

We feasted on authentic Texas BBQ
and then the kids disappeared out back to the "woods"
and we saw them again 2 days later when we had to leave.
Not really.
But there was a "secret fort"
in which no adults were allowed.
I had to take these photos from afar.

We did see David when he came looking for help:

I'll leave you to fill in the blanks
of what might possibly could have happened.
(Mind you, we had only been there 2 hours
when this happened . . . sigh.)

We enjoyed 2 nights and a full day of very fun fellowship
and hospitality that will one day put their place on the map.

We had time to leisurely enjoy their "land" . . .

It was quite humid, but oh so beautiful.
They had a lovely pool that the kids went in one afternoon.

Our time with our dear friends was way too short.
Friday morning, we packed up, so rested and refreshed, and got ready to head out.
Marlis . . . true to her natural nature of being so creative and generous and hospitable,
had packed for each of the kids a personalized "Texas cooler" complete with food, snacks, and TOYS!
(In hindsight, I wish I had gotten a photo of all the kids with their coolers. Their excitement was priceless.)
AND she sent us on our way with 2 humungous bags of more snacks and drinks.
We were completely speechless

and felt so loved by the Lord and the Buchanans!

Thank you again, Buchanans for a WONDERFUL time!
We love you guys!


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