Texas #2

Before heading on into Louisiana,
we left our friends, the Buchanans,
and followed "Edna" to the Prescotts,
who live in San Antonio.

We visited with Abby and her delightful children,
as well

as Norm and Alma and Amanda Wakefield.
I didn't get many photos, because I was too busy
talking and catching up in the FEW hours
we had to spend with them.

Leaving the Prescotts', we headed into Houston
where we stayed with a very dear friend, Beth Dale.
We went to dinner, laughed and talked, and enjoyed catching up.

She fixed us some yummie brownies and milk,
we talked into the wee hours,
and went to bed happy.
Our time with Beth ended all too soon as well.
We had a delicious breakfast
(our kids always remember the food from the places we stayed!),
and visited some more before heading out just before lunch.

"Miss Beth" sent us on our way with art kits for the kids
to occupy them in the car,

as well as several more bags of food
filled with all kinds of delicious food.

It tasted so good as we stopped a few hours later
at a park and feasted on her chips and sandwich fixins'!

We love you, Prescotts and Miss Beth!
Our time with you was too short and we look forward to meeting again . . .
for longer??!


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