Approaching the Throne

Taken from "The Valley of Vision"

Act of Approach

"Benign Lord,
I praise thee continually
for permission to approach thy throne of grace,
and to spread my wants and desires before thee.
I am not worthy of thy blessings and mercies
for i am far gone from original righteousness;
My depraved nature reveals itself in disobedience and rebellion;
My early days discovered in me discontent, pride, envy, revenge.
Remember not the sins of my youth,
nor the multiplied transgressions of later years,
my failure to improve time and talents,
my abuse of mercies and means,
my wasted sabbaths,
my perverted seasons of grace,
my long neglect of thy great salvation,
my disregard of the friend of sinners.
While I confess my guilt, help me to feel it deeply,
with self-abhorrence and self-despair, yet
to remember there is hope in thee,
and to see the Lamb that takes away sin.
Through him may I return to thee,
listen to thee,
trust in thee,
delight in thy law,
obey thee,
be upheld by thee.
Preserve my understanding from error,
my affections from love of idols,
my lips from speaking guile,
my conduct from stain of vice,
my character from appearance of evil,
that I may be harmless, blameless, rebukeless,
exemplary, useful, light-giving, prudent, zealous for
thy glory and the good of my fellow-men."

This was the prayer of my heart this morning as I headed off to join with the congregation before the throne of grace . . . both for myself and for our Body at Coast.

Can you join with me?
Would you amen this?

If so, do you notice that there is a response required . . . not just a "mental consent"?
Do you hear the balance between the work of the Spirit of grace in our hearts
and our responsibility to "walk in a manner worthy of the gospel"?
What steps will you take this week to
fan the flame of your affections?
What affections will you fan the flame of?

These are the questions to my own heart this afternoon.
Blessings on your journey . . .


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